How we can help:

Unfortunately, there are many companies where working from home just isn’t an option due to roadblocks such as team communication or collaboration, planning, server access, and security just to name a few. We know not only is continued work important for the company and the employees, but for the economy as well. We have our technicians working overtime to help get your company setup for a remote workforce.

Using tools from companies like Cisco, Amazon and Microsoft we are able to securely connect your employees to the resources they desperately need to continue their day-to-day operations from their homes.

Some of the top tools we use are:

  • Team Communication and Collaboration using WebEx Teams or Microsoft Teams
    Teams need the ability to talk, chat, collaborate and share documents when they are remote!
  • VPN Connectivity and Remote Network Management using Cisco Meraki
    Need direct access to your existing infrastructure from anywhere?. No problem!
  • Secure Remote Desktops using Amazon AWS Workspaces and EC2
    Company files on an employee personal computer? How about a managed cloud virtual machine instead! 
  • Project Planning and Management using Microsoft Office 365 (O365)
    Keep everyone on the same page and on track with perfect project management!
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We can help your business operate using a variety of rapid, affordable, secure and scaleable solutions so your employees can feel like they’re right in the office without actually being there.

Remote Workforce Consultation