Hardware Repair, Gaming, and Crypto

Hardware Repair

Our hardware repair services focuses on repairs, upgrades or installation of systems, components, peripheral equipment, networking or software.

The next time you’re considering a trip to BestBuy or the Apple Store for repairs, try us instead. If your small business or organization is considering local or remote computer support, help-desk, managed services, better wifi, a more secure network, telephones or telepresence, call us.

Some Of The Services Offered

  • Computer Help
  • Tune-Ups
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Transfers
  • Software Installs/Uninstalls
  • Virus Removal and Cleanup
  • New Computer Setups
  • Printer Setups
  • Email or Online Account Setups
  • Operating System Installs
  • Computer Hard-Drive Resets
  • Lost Passwords
  • Mobile Device Repair


  • Legal E-Discovery
  • Dental and Medical Applications
  • RansomWare Recovery and Dealing with Extortion
  • Custom Repairs
  • Consulting

Custom Machine Builds


When every second on the market counts,  you need a machine that can keep up with you. Trust no one but Electric Red’s hardware professionals to help design and build the perfect machine to get you through from start to that final bell ring.


Let Electric Red’s hardware professionals help you in designing and building your own custom and purpose built gaming machine with all the power needed to make sure you don’t get pwnd!

Video Editing

Let Electric Red’s hardware professionals help you in designing and building the very best in video editing systems. Say goodbye to painful render times and laggy previews.